PowerWall Li-Ion Tesla 48V, 50kWh Compatible Victron, SMA, Growatt SPF

PowerWall Li-Ion Tesla 48V, 50kWh Compatible Victron, SMA, Growatt SPF

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Maximise your solar energy investment with our Powerwall battery system, powered by Tesla S modules. Store excess energy during the day and power your home at night with clean, renewable energy. Take control of your energy consumption and reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources. Move to a better, greener future with our innovative Powerwall system.

Case Type: : Without lighting

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PowerWall Li-Ion Tesla 48V, 50 kWh Compatible Victron, SMA, Growatt SPF

Package contains:
10 Second Life Tesla S 24V 5.3 kWh modules;
Tyco electronics EV200AAANA power relays;
Fuse + fuse holder;
Maintenance switch;
Simp BMS programmed for Tesla modules;
Wiring set (power cables, terminal rings and module + BMS wiring);
Pre-charging system;
Current sensor;

Voltage range (recommended):
Minimum voltage: 38.40V;
Maximum voltage: 49.80V;
Maximum discharge current: 0.3C;
Maximum charging current: 0.3C;

Size and weights:
Height: 115 cm;
Width: 40 cm;
Length: 80 cm;
Weight: 320 kg;

Power Glow is an interesting option for power walls that allows users to customize their electrical energy storage device with a plexiglass case and RGB LED lighting. This option adds an attractive and modern look to the standard design of a power-wall and allows it to be seamlessly integrated into any space.

The plexiglass case allows users to see the internal components of the power wall, such as the batteries and electrical circuit, which can be an interesting feature for tech enthusiasts or those who want to better understand how the device works. RGB LED lighting adds a pop of color and a nice ambiance, allowing users to customize their powerwall to their preferences.

In general, the Power Glow option can be an attractive choice for those who want to personalize their power wall, add a touch of style and integrate it perfectly into the design of their space.

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